Sioux Falls, SD Wedding Photography {Oban Wedding}

To say I am behind on updating blog posts is the understatement of the century! Fortunately I have been kept busy photographing so many amazing and beautiful families and that time is well worth being a little backed up this fall.

I first met Erin over coffee and from the beginning I knew we would be a perfect fit. She described her wedding to me and you could tell how excited she was to marry her high school sweetheart. She told me about her husband to be and talked about her little ones, I could not wait to meet the rest of her family!

The girls got ready in a gorgeous hotel in Sioux City Iowa. Erin and her bridesmaids shared mimosas, makeup and curling irons, while her adorable daughter ran around keeping everyone smiling. A short distance away the boys adjusted their ties and laced their shoes at their family shop.

Watching Mike see his bride for the first time was the sweetest moment I’ve seen. You could tell by the way he looked at her, that she was the one, and that he had known that for a very long time.

Their ceremony was held at a beautiful church, and every seat was filled with a family member of friend sharing in the love that filled the air. One of my favorite things is seeing my couples surrounded with so many people supporting them.

Following the ceremony we ventured out for photos and were joined by a field filled with frogs. Erin didn’t actually have to kiss any of them, she had already found her prince!

Their reception closed with heartfelt stories from family members, my favorite came from Erins grandfather who very clearly reminded the couple of all the trouble they caused as teenagers in love! There were special dances shared between Mike and Erin, their parents, as well as a song for Erin and her little boy. Their daughter took a quick nap and was ready to dance the rest of the night away!

I will never get tired of a good love story, and this is one for the books. Another huge congrats to Mr and Mrs Oban, and your amazing little family.

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